HuMind gathers conscious creators from around the world to share awareness through joy and art with the latest production technologies. A soul trip towards The Essence, freeing oneself, engaging through our inner child in play.

Based on Sacred Geometry, Resonance and Conscious Art the goal is to share Ancient Knowledge through Mindfulness, Magic, Connection and Fraternity

Two immersive shows will travel the globe, sharing spaces that free this understanding and connection. A fun environment where specially trained performers will be guiding participants through a series of interactive activities designed to create Awareness. The goal is to free oneself from a limited perception state that is triggered by unconscious thought patterns and unidentified behaviour in order to achieve a full experience of Life. Performance Shows and art in a playfull enviroment to improve understanding in a ludic state.

For a Holistic experience of Life, daily conferences, interactive investigations and workshops will be offered during the daytime; conscious body work spaces and a wellness store will also be open during the day.


Humans all over the world are experiencing disconnection, sickness, and nonsense sad lives. The earth is polluted, and this affects Us all.

HuMind inspires people to free themselves and to co-create for awareness, encouraging others to find their own mission by example.

If we want to TRANSFORM OUR CURRENT WORLD we have to transform our essence instead of form. It is vital to UNDERSTAND THE FOUNDATIONS that sustain this unconscious collective that we perceive as reality by observing our deepest self.

But what is this reality if we don’t understand perception?

Reality is formed by our collective thought patterns, mental images imposed/domesticated by history, religion, education and job titles.

HuMind shares through experiences, the understanding of how to reconnect with Nature. To empower the respect for Mother Earth and her blossoming.

And maybe, add some knowledge about time traveling 😉